The Cuddles Mary Gave Lyrics - Sean McCourt

Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty "Nice Fighting You" album 2014
Sean McCourt - The Cuddles Mary Gave Lyrics

(Song from "A Man Of No Importance" musical)

She made the soadbread of angles
And the House was always clean
And the way she pressed a collar
I looked fit to meet a queen
But if ever there's one memory I'd save
Well, it's the cuddles Mary gave
Ah, she was warmer then an over in the middle of July
First she'd lift me like a feather
Then crush me like a fly
It was wonderful and frightenin' to brave
Those massive cuddle Mary gave
How she'd talk as we walked
Down the road on an evenin'
The neighbors all callin' hello
Just a great sturdy great girl
And a small skinny fella
But we were well suited, ya know
It doesn't seem to long ago
Now, I'll be buttonin' a shirt
Or in the middle of a shave
Or especially puttin' flowers on the headstone of her grave
And I'll think I've had a fine contented life
Having had my Mary for a wife
And the only thing I still can't help but crave
Well, it's the cuddles my Mary gave

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