Rita's Confession Lyrics - Mary Testa and Stephen Flaherty

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Mary Testa and Stephen Flaherty - Rita's Confession Lyrics

(Song from "A Man of No Importance" musical - Rita's Confession Lyrics)

Bless me Father, for I have sinned
It's been a week since my last confession

A good sinner can get into a lot of mischief in a week... I'm listening.

I swore at my sister once or twice, said some pretty bad words I suppose.

Is that all?

And I thought about killing my supervisor, a number of times
God knows...

Now you're talkin'.

And I slept through your sermon, sorry Father, I don't know where I've been.
The way that my mind keeps wandering, Father... it's a sin.

Dear Father, forgive this poor, lonely sinner, Alfie Burne.
He thinks about Robbie all the time, and there's nobody he can tell.

I cheated the Dublin bus company by lettin' a girl ride for free.

And he's struggling with his Catholic guilt and he's certain he's bound for hell.

And I led someone to believe he had a leading role, when really, it's only a supporting one..

And he feels like his heart is bursting, Father, how can his life begin?
Another day's going by him, Father, it's a sin... It's a sin!

When there's music like nothing you've heard if you know the right jukebox to play,
There are glasses to raise and in praise of surviving the day.
But you're here in the dark in a little box with a fellow who might know less than you,
Then you'll hurry home and lock the locks, another box to climb in to.
For god's sake, man, tell him. Then we'll have a pint.

Is that all, my son?

There's one other thing you ought to know, I've been trying to find the words.

And what would that be?

I... well, I....
No. That's all I have to say.

Say five Hail Marys, two Our Fathers,
and next time don't take so much time telling me the same old sins, Alfie Burne.

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Rita's Confession Lyrics Mary Testa and Stephen Flaherty