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Marin Mazzie - Speaking French Lyrics

(Song from "Lucky Stiff" musical Speaking French Lyrics)

And now, monsieur, dames
The moment you have all been waiting for
The moment when France unveils another of her wonders
She sings like a bird! She looks like a dream!
And she don't just can-can, she will-will!
Monsieur, Dames, I give you that international bonbon!
Dominique du Monaco!

Bon soir! Les dames et les monsieur
Comment ca va? Ca va bien?
What? You don't speak French?

What is love if you don't speak French?
Mon cherie you don't stand a chance here.
Come with me, you will see
The way we do things in the south of France dear
You can say all you want to say
With one basic lesson I know
Use your lips. Use your ribs, like so. Like so. Like so!

When you say ooh, ooh, ooh, I answer ah, ah, ah.
You whisper ooh la, la, and I go-
Then you say mm, mm, mm, and I go ah, ah, ah
And then you're speaking French

Bonjour Henry Witherspoon!
You know me?
I am your surprise!

I don't care how it's done in Rome,
Or in Oklahoma or Nome dear
S'il vous plait, parle francaise
You'll fall in love and you may not go home dear

Vous parle cher, is a savoir faire
If you dare to try something new
Come, my dear volunteer, won't you?
No, I couldn't possibly.
Won't you?
I can't dance
Yes you!

When you say ooh, ooh, ooh, you answer
ah, ah, ah?
I whisper ooh la, la, which causes-
and we say
mm, mm, mm, and then it's ah, ah, ah
And look we're speaking

Stop! Moment, s'il vous plait.
There is someone here tonight who is not joining in.
Someone who is alone.
What is it cherie? Why so sad?
Has your lover deserted you?
Have too many lovers trampled on your heart?
May I have a blue spotlight please? Thank you
I myself have walked the solitary boulevards
Of life beaucoups des jours.
Just like you, so alone. Sans l'amour
Ah to go searching for l'amour among the boulevards
Of life is not a crime.
As I told, that jeune damme, at the time
I spoke French, lucky me. So did he.

I said-- and he said-
And I said- which led to-
And then we mm, mm, mm and then we ah, ah, ah
No wonder I love French
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Then you say
Ah, ah, ah
Then we say
Ooh la,la
Then we go
I love that
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ah, ah, ah
And now you're speaking French!

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Marin Mazzie Speaking French Lyrics Lucky Stiff