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Bobby Steggert - The Night That Goldman Spoke At Union Square Lyrics

(Song from "Ragtime" musical)

I have just arrived from Lawrence, Massachusetts where,
eight weeks ago, the workers there went on strike. They are
starving, their children are dying but they are holding firm
and we must support them.

It was winter in New York
As the snow began to fall.
And the workmen's hall had not a seat to spare.
When a young man stepped inside,
Just to warm himself, was all,
The night that Goldman spoke at Union Square.

What is happening in Lawrence is happening everywhere.
Let us at last make this the land of opportunity for
all people, not just the owners. The land of opportunity
for Tateh and his little girl. We cannot rest!

She was speaking loud and fast
Through a haze of noise and heat
And the smell of sweat and anger in the air.
The police were standing by
But the crowd was on it's feet
The night that Goldman spoke at Union Square.


He thought he heard her say...

What brings you here today?

Poor young rich boy!

Masturbates for a Vaudeville tart!
What a waste of a fiery heart,

He thought she said...

Poor young bourgeois!

There are things that you've never thought.
Come to Emma and you'll be taught

His head was spinning!

People feathered and tarred, my friend.
Unions broken and why for?
Children laboring, women still enslaved!
Leave you little backyard my friend.
There are causes to die for!


In the gutters of the city
I have tried to find some meaning.


In the arms of fallen women.
In the thought of suicide.


Like a firework unexploded,
Wanting life but never
knowing how...
My brother,
Life had meaning

I'll show you how!

Till now!
My brother, you are
With us now!
He was calling out her name,
Shouting what, he did not know
And he found that he was standing on a chair
With a heart as clean and new
As the frshly fallen snow,
The night that Goldman spoke...

I've been waiting for you.

At Union Square.

Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike!

Put the children on the train! Get them out of here!

I hate you, goddamned America!

Tateh! Tateh!

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Bobby Steggert The Night That Goldman Spoke At Union Square Lyrics Ragtime