Miss Saigon - The Revelation Lyrics

Song from Miss Saigon - 2014 West End Revival
Miss Saigon the Musical - The Revelation Lyrics


John, you were great. Can I see you alone?
I gotta know what you meant on the phone
What is this news you received you can only tell me

A lot of groups use my Bangkok staff
To process problems on their behalf
We got this in from the embassy
It's not easy to tell you, it's best that you see

Kim. it's about Kim, isn't it?
Only you now how hard I had tried to get word
Tell me first, nothing else, tell me: did she survive?

You must read the report, Chris, but yes, she's alive

You don't know, John, these nightmares, the things that I've seen
I have seen her face burned, seen her shot with my gun
I have chased her through streets and heard nothing but screams
What's wrong? Come on. There is still something more

She has a child
You have a son

You won't believe me but I dreamed this, John
It's in the nightmare when I see Saigon
Jesus, John, I am married
Is this story for real?

I'm only telling you what I received
But our reports can usually be believed
Kim's a bar-girl in Bangkok
Pal, I know how you feel

It's too late! I have a whole new life
I have a wife I love, she just can't disappear

Listen, guy, I know the shock you've had
It isn't always bad, there are solutions here

Oh John, I never told her
My wife, how can I tell her?
A child, what do I do?
I shattered Kim now Ellen too

I have learned the best thing for a couple to do.
You should both come to Bangkok.
I mean Ellen, too.

I have to tell her
I have to tell her

Us both?

You both should go!

Hey guys, come on

But first... Ellen has to know

Miss Saigon The Revelation Lyrics

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