The Little Mermaid Musical - Sweet Child Lyrics

2008 Broadway
The Little Mermaid the Musical - Sweet Child Lyrics

"Sweet Child" is a song from the Broadway musical The Little Mermaid performed by Tyler Maynard (Flotsam), Derrick Baskin (Jetsam). Music by Alan Menken and Lyrics by Glenn Slater.

FLOTSAM: Poor child
JETSAM: Poor, sweet child.
FLOTSAM: She has a very serious problem, hasn’t she?
JETSAM: Hmm, if only
FLOTSAM: There were something
JETSAM: We could do.
ARIEL (always spoken): Who are you two?

FLOTSAM: Sweet child
JETSAM: Poor child.
FLOTSAM: So tragic
JETSAM: So misunderstood.

FLOTSAM: Dear child
JETSAM: Sad child.
FLOTSAM: Life’s looking
JETSAM: Shall we say
FLOTSAM: Not good.

FLOTSAM: Who will ease her woe’s and worries?
JETSAM: Who will help get her man?
BOTH: Sweet child. Perhaps the Sea Witch can!
ARIEL: You can’t possibly mean... Aunt Ursula?

FLOTSAM: She knows your dreams
ARIEL: Father says her magic is evil
JETSAM: She’ll grant your prayer
ARIEL: Please, I have to go!

FLOTSAM: She’ll cast a charm
JETSAM: A tiny spell.
FLOTSAM: Why the alarm?
JETSAM: No one will tell
FLOTSAM: No one will care.
JETSAM: It’s your affair.

BOTH: Sweet child
FLOTSAM: Dear child
JETSAM: Poor child.
FLOTSAM: Sad child.
BOTH: We’ll bring you to her lair right now.
Bet in half a sec, your prince and you are reconciled.

FLOTSAM: Together
JETSAM: Forever
ARIEL: Take me to her.

BOTH: Sweet child.

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Sweet Child Lyrics from The Little Mermaid the Musical