Christmas With My Dad Lyrics

Music, lyrics and book by Eli Bolin and Mike Pettry
The Last Song of Eddie Scourge - Christmas With My Dad Lyrics

Christmas is so freaking annoying
The ornaments and cards are all so fake
Candy canes all taste like 10 year old toothpaste
And gingerbread gives me a raging stomachache
The carols are so stale and relentless
They carry through the air like the smell of something bad
But the one thing I look forward to
This time of year is spending Christmas with my Dad
Spending Christmas with my Dad.

He comes in with his arms full of presents
His smile is wide his hair is full of snow
He pulls out his guitar and lays down a classic bar
from an underrated hit from long ago
And when he sings my heart flies wide open
I’m happy but I guess a little sad
Cause he doesn’t visit me I just watch him on TV
And that’s how I spend Christmas with my dad
Merry Christmas Daddy!
That’s Christmas with my dad

I’ve “DVRed” his shows since I was 9
I’ve memories each song in every line
When mom’s not home I turn them on and revel in the sound
It’s what the house would be like if dad had stayed around
I ask him ‘bout the cities that he toured
He’d show how me how to play a 7th chord
It sucks to know your dad from specials on TV
I wish he thought I was special as his specials are to me!

Christmas is so freaking depressing
Commercialism, Suicides and Snow
Mom goes on defense builds just kind of dense
They’re the only family that I know
But tomorrow when I turn on the TV
I’ll see the family that I could’ve have had
It’s the one thing I look forward this time of year
Spending Christmas with my dad
Merry Christmas daddy

Maybe one he would be on the side of the TV
Will make fun of the carolers and BURN down the tree
And that’s the greatest present there could ever be
Dad spending Christmas with me
Won’t you be there daddy?
Spend your Christmas with MEEEEEEEEEEE!

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