Judy Kuhn - Hero and Leander Lyrics

Song from album "Judy Kuhn - Rodgers, Rodgers & Guettel" 2015
Judy Kuhn - Hero and Leander Lyrics

"Hero and Leander" is a song from Myths and Hymns.

Could I be Leander?
On a wave am I borne?
Borne to a new home across this lonely sea?

Could you be my Hero, heart afire?
My lighthouse on the shoreline-
Could you be that to me?

Oh, I need you-
I need the rise and fall of your voice.
Oh, I love you,
And now I have a love to rejoice.

Hero and Leander, how your passion is brave.
Even if I drown here inside this wave,
My lighthouse on the shoreline,
My passion on this lonely sea,
My loving you was meant to be.

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Hero and Leander Lyrics by Judy Kuhn

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