Drag - I'm Just Brendan Lyrics

2022 Studio Cast Recording
Drag: The Musical - I'm Just Brendan Lyrics

The song is written by Alaska Thunderfuck, Ashley Gordon, and Tomas Costanza.

Am I strange? Did I mess up
'Cause I like playing dress-up?
I can't help it
I'm just Brendan
What I feel felt so funny
A thousand fireflies in my tummy
Can't pretend it
I'm just Brendan
I don't see the world in black and white or blue and pink
All I see are happy things
Pretty clothes and makeup are like toys
But not for boys
And I'm just Brendan

Mommy knew I was different
If she were here, she'd keep my secret
No one gets it
I'm just Brendan
I can dream of mermaid princes
Knights in tutus sewn with ribbons
Pants or dressеs
I'm just Brendan
I think I started something I can't stop
I found a spark
Hiddеn somewhere in the dark
The glitter's gone and the smile won't wipe away
Is that okay?
'Cause I'm still Brendan

Deep inside me, something's changed
My heart has broken out its cage
To find who I am

All I want is to be me
You can look, but do you see me?
Don't forget it
I am Brendan

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Drag I'm Just Brendan Lyrics

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