Come From Away - Stop the World Lyrics

Broadway 2017
Come From Away the Musical - Stop the World Lyrics

NICK (sung)
Stop the world
Take a picture
Try to capture
To ensure this moment lasts
We're still in it, but in a minute -
That's the limit - and this present will be past

And here we are
Where the world has come together
And she will be
In this picture, forever

DIANE (spoken)
Look at this: five hundred and forty million years ago,
the continents of the world crashed together right here;
and two hundred million years ago, they separated again, moving apart from each other.


DIANE (spoken)
But, a little part of them was left behind.
I should move! You're missing all the scenery!

No, no! Stay where you are.


Really. It's perfect.

DIANE (sung)
Stop the world
Seize the moment
But the minute he goes you're alone, and it's through pinch yourself
Tell yourself: "You're just dreaming, that means he'll forget about you"
But here we are
Where the continents once crashed together
Before they went their separate ways forever, so stop the world

Stop the world

Stop the world

Stop the world

Stop the world

BOTH                                    COMPANY
From spinning 'round              Ahhhh
I wanna look out
Overlooking something           Ahhhh
Worth taking the time
to stop flying by                     And look down
And look down.                      Stop the world
Stopping to stare,                  And look 'round
And look 'round.                    Stop the world
Just tell them, "now,"             Ahhhh
and look down

Take a picture
Of the scenery
Of a lookout
Of a moment
Which is over
Of the ocean
Of the river
Of the trees

Stop the world

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Stop the World from Come From Away the Musical