Back to the Future - Wherever We're Going Lyrics

2021 West End
Back to the Future the Musical - Wherever We're Going Lyrics

Marty! I just heard about your audition.
I am so sorry. Strickland is such a jerk!

Hey, what if he's right, Jennifer?
What if I'm just not cut out for music?
What if I never get a chance to play for an audience?

Oh come on.
One rejection is not the end of the world.
And you're good Marty, you're really, really good

MARTY MCFLY: (spoken)
What if today was a sign?
I just don't think I can take anymore rejection...
Gee... I'm starting to sound like my old man...

Why do you let people put you down?
It's not for them to say
Just keep your feet planted on the ground
And look the other way

They'll define you
Unless have a dream
You gotta takе time to
Be what you can be
And lеt me remind you
You're everything to me
Something good is flowing...

Wherever we're going is alright with me
There's no way of knowing; we'll just wait and see
We'll get where we're going eventually
Wherever we're going is alright, alright, alright, alright with me

I know you better than anyone
And you belong to me
And we will finish what we've begun
You'll write a song for me

I can hear it
When you sing to me
I wanna be near it
It's you I wanna see
Let me be clear that
You're everything to me
Something good is flowing...

Wherever we're going is alright with me
I'm lovin' just knowing you're going with me
A future together is our destiny
Wherever we're goin' is alright, alright
It's alright

Wherever we're going we're both gonna see
Our story unfolding (our story)
A great mystery
I know in my heart that we're holdin' the key
Wherever we're going (Wherever)
Is alright, alright, (It's alright, alright)
It's alright, it's alright (Alright)
It's alright
It's alright with me

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Wherever We're Going lyrics Back to the Future

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