BANDSTAND - Everything Happens Lyrics

The New American Musical 2017
Bandstand the Musical - Everything Happens Lyrics

"Everything Happens" is a song from Bandstand the musical performed by Beth Leavel (Mrs. June Adams).

JULIA (spoken):
It was his fault! Ma, he's here and Michael isn't and it's his fault!
I want to believe everything happens for a reason-

JUNE ADAMS (sung):
No, no, no
Everything happens, just that
Everything happens
An event, or a death
A catastrophe

Any reason as to why
Is a reason you supply
It just happens
Everything happens

It's not fate, no great plan
It's not destiny
Putting faith in that cliche
Gives your own free will away
When things happen
And they will happen

You can waste your whole damn life
Assigning bits of philosophic meaning
To the failures and misfortunes intervening
And I'll tell you what you'll get
Just a lifetime of regret

No, no, no
There is no reason for why
Everything happens
It's the changing of a season
It's a fact
And it's a constant

And the only sane response
Is to adjust
Not to wish it hadn't happened
When it must

Now the church will tell you one thing
And your friends, perhaps another
If I were you I'd listen
To your slightly dotty mother
Who lost out on her own fair share
Of good times and of laughter
What matters when things happen
Is what happens after

[Thanks to Rebecca for lyrics]

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Everything Happens lyrics from Bandstand the musical

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