Bandstand the Musical Songs Lyrics

Bandstand is an original musical composed by Richard Oberacker with book and lyrics by Oberacker and Robert Taylor.

The musical tells the story of a mismatched band of military veterans who join together to compete in a national radio contest in New York City with a prize that will guarantee instant stardom to the winners. But with complicated relationships, the demands of the competition and the challenging after-effects of war, going all the way for a win in the contest seems like a dream that may break these musicians.

Broadway 2017
Bandstand the Musical Songs with Lyrics

Act I

Just Like It Was Before - The Company
Donny Novitski - Donny
I Know A Guy - Jimmy, Davy, Nick, Wayne, Donny & The Company
Ain't We Proud - Donny
Who I Was - Julia
Just Like It Was Before (reprise) - Mrs. Adams
First Steps First - Julia & Donny
Breathe - Donny, Nick, Wayne, Davy, Jimmy & Johnny
You Deserve It - Donny, Julia & The Company
Love Will Come and Find Me Again Lyrics - Julia
Right This Way Lyrics - Donny, Nick, Wayne, Davy, Jimmy, Johnny & Julia

Act 2

Entr'acte - The Orchestra & The Company
Nobody - Donny, Wayne, Nick, Davy, Julia, Mrs. Adams, Johnny, Jimmy & The Company
I Got a Theory - Julia, Donny, Wayne, Nick, Davy, Johnny, Jimmy & The Company
Everything Happens - Mrs. Adams
Welcome Home 1 - Donny & Julia
A Band in New York City - Johnny, Davy, Jimmy, Nick, Wayne, Julia, Donny & The Company
This is Life Lyrics - Donny & Julia
Welcome Home 2 - Julia
Finale - Donny, Julia & The Company



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