Almost Famous - Who Are You With? Lyrics

2022 Broadway
Almost Famous the Musical - Who Are You With? Lyrics

The song is written by Tom Kitt & Cameron Crowe.

Who are you with?

Me? I’m with myself

No, I mean
Who are you with?

What band?

I’m here to interview Black Sabbath
My name’s not on the list?

‘Cause who you’re with determines
whether you get in the door

Penny Lane would know how to fix this

Ah, Ms. Penny Lane is retired!
It’s already not the same without her

Who is Penny Lane?

Now that is the burning question
She’s the goddess of our crew

Wow, your aura is … purple!

It’s all happening!
It’s all happening!

It’s all happening
And I am in love with Ian Hunter!
Who’s this?

Oh, I’m a journalist
I’m a professional, I’m not a … you know

Not a what?

There she is!

Not a … groupie?
I’m sorry, I—

This is Penny Lane, man
Show some respect
She’s had fourteen songs written about her
And all of them are good

Groupies sleep with rockstars for the thrill
But we have secrets we will never spill
We are here for the music
We inspire the music
No attachments, no boundaries
We are band aids!

Journalist friend,
You must address these fine ladies
by their names!

This is Sapphire Sinsemilla
This is Estrella Star
You met the goddess, Penny Lane
I’m Polexia Aphrodesia
And you are?

William Miller?

Ha, I’ll get our passes

It’s okay to fall under the spell
And be the hero of the story that you tell
But you have to pay our dues
You can still go back
So what will you choose?

No attachments?

No boundaries!

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