Just Around the Corner

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Addams Family - Just Around the Corner Lyrics

My daughter's getting married.
I can't believe it's true.
She doesn't ask her parents
Before she says "I do".

And what about my husband?
Oblivious, naive.
This evening's getting serious:
These Ohioans won't leave.

But I can't let these latest problems
Rob me of my bliss.
For when I'm scared of true disaster,
I remember this:

Death is just around the corner
Waiting patiently to strike.
One unplanned electrocution
That's the kind of end
I can comprehend.

When I'm feeling uninspired
Or I need a little spree
I'm reborn knowing
Death is just around the corner
Coming after me.

(spoken) Get it? Coroner. Death is just around the... corner.

Death is just around the corner
Waiting high upon the hill
Someone buried in an avalanche (gasp)
That's the kind of fig
I can really dig.

Marriage often disappoints you.
Not each husband is a gem.
So I'll mourn
Knowing death is just around the corner
Coming after them.

If life were plums
I'll muddle through some.
But when death comes
I hope it's gruesome. (hot-cha)

Some people die from public stoning,
Faulty wiring, faulty zoning,
Cherry pits they didn't know were there. (choking noise)
It could be by a jungle cat

A slippery mat.

A baseball bat.

Perhaps an unsuccessful love affair. (crying noise)

It could be on a speeding train,
It could be underwater.
It could be too much Novocain
Or even by your daughter.

Perhaps a bad mosquito bite.

A title fight.

Religious rite.

My darlings, it might even be tonight.

Death is just around the corner
No one's ever been immune.
Turning off a respirator
With a simple click
Strenuously quick.

I can face a new tomorrow
If I make it past today.
I feel good saying
Death is just around the corner
Simply on its way.

Death is just around the corner
And you have to be enthralled.
(Don't ask why)
For your death is just around the corner
(You and I)
Happy being up the borner borner
(Say goodbye)
Because death is just around the corner
Coming for us all.

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